“There are scammers who give false information and guarantees about working, studying or travelling in Canada. Don’t believe their lies. Their actions can have serious consequences for you and your family.

Know the rules. Don’t get scammed.

Find out which visa is right for you

There are different visas and requirements for people who want to visit, work or study in Canada:


Electronic travel authorization (eTA)

An eTA

  • doesn’t give you the right to work or study in Canada
  • is for short trips to visit Canada as a tourist or to visit family and friends
  • doesn’t guarantee that you can enter Canada
  • costs 100 MXN (7 CAD)

Paying a visa fixer or consultant to apply for you doesn’t guarantee that the eTA will be approved.

Learn more about eTAs

An eTA is a requirement for Mexican nationals travelling to Canada by air. Applying for an eTA(opens in a new tab) is easier than you may think. It’s a simple online process that takes a few minutes to complete and costs around 100 MXN (7 CAD). Most applicants get their eTA approved in minutes. To apply, you need your passport and a credit card to pay the application fee.

Download the eTA help guide (PDF, 1.32 MB)(opens in a new tab) for instructions.

An eTA does not guarantee that you can enter Canada. When you arrive, a border services officer will look at your passport and other documents before deciding if you can enter Canada.

Don’t believe scammers who tell you that an eTA is all you need to work in Canada.


Work visa

An eTA or a job offer is not enough for you to work in Canada, you need a work permit (visa). Work permits are issued when you arrive in Canada. Most people need a work permit to work in Canada. There are very few exceptions.

Learn more about working in Canada(opens in a new tab).

Examples of jobs that require a work permit

Examples of jobs that require a work permit: farm worker, hotel staff person, restaurant worker, cleaner, construction worker, carpenter, meat cutter, website designer, caregiver.

This is not a complete list of jobs. Answer a few questions to find out if you need a work permit(opens in a new tab).

Student visa

You need a study permit (student visa) to study in Canada for 6 months or longer.

Learn more about studying in Canada(opens in a new tab).

Working in Canada

Beware of scammers who promise you a work visa (permit) in Canada if you pay them. They may also tell you that once you get a work permit, they will help you become a permanent resident (PR). No one can guarantee that you will get a work permit or become a PR.

Before you can apply for a work permit, there are steps the Canadian company needs to take, like getting a labour market impact assessment (LMIA).

You need the LMIA approval letter from the company before you can apply for the work permit. You must apply for a work permit in Mexico.

Find out how labour market impact assessments affect you

Canadian companies must try to hire someone in Canada before they can hire you. The company has to get a document from the government that gives them permission to hire a foreign worker. The document is called a labour market impact assessment (LMIA).

The LMIA costs the company 14,300 MXN (1,000 CAD) for each worker they want to hire. The company must pay this fee. The Canadian government does not let the worker pay the cost. Beware of Canadian companies or recruiters that ask you to pay for the LMIA because they are breaking the law.

If the LMIA is approved, the company should give you a copy of the LMIA approval letter for you to include with your work permit application. An approved LMIA doesn’t mean that your work permit has been, or will be, approved.

Once you apply for a work permit, you may need to book a biometrics appointment to have your fingerprints and photo taken. You may also need to have a medical exam and provide police certificates.

Biometrics cost around 1,200 MXN (85 CAD). A biometrics appointment at the visa application centre (VAC) doesn’t mean that your work permit has been, or will be, approved.

If your work permit is approved, you’ll get an approval letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You won’t get your work permit until you arrive in Canada.

If someone says they will deliver a work permit to you in Mexico once you pay them, they are lying.

Fake job offers

There are recruiters taking advantage of people who want to work in Canada to provide a better future for their families. These scammers share fake job offers and promise to help you get a job.

They may also tell you that once you get a visa (work permit), you can apply to become a permanent resident (PR).

No one can guarantee that you will get a work permit or become a PR.

Don’t be the victim of a job scam. Before you pay for the services of a recruiter, ask the Embassy of Canada to confirm if the LMIA or work permit is real. Send an email to ChecaTuVisaTrabajo@international.gc.ca.

Signs your job offer may be fake

A job offer could be fake if

  • a consultant or recruiter tells you that the only document you need to work in Canada is an eTA
    Note: You must have a work permit to work in Canada.
  • a recruiter charges you money to find a job
    Note: Honest companies pay recruiters to find workers, so you shouldn’t have to pay for a job offer.
  • a consultant or recruiter shows you a work permit with your name on it and asks you for payment before they will give it to you
    Note: Work permits are not issued until you arrive in Canada. They will never be sent to a consultant or recruiter.
  • you’re asked to pay money up front for the right to apply, the labour market impact assessment (LMIA), training or supplies like tools or a uniform
  • a recruiter asks for your passport
    Note: Never give anyone your passport.
  • you’re recruited on WhatsApp or other social media sites like Facebook or YouTube
  • the wages seem too high for the job or region
    Note: The Government of Canada Job Bank(opens in a new tab) lists average wages by occupation and city. You can enter the city or postal code for the job and find its salary range.
  • the job description (for example, information on location, duties, benefits) is vague
  • no experience is required
  • no interview is required
  • the consultant or recruiter promises you will become a permanent resident (PR) once you’re working in Canada

If a job offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Many companies will post job openings on their website or on the Government of Canada Job Bank(opens in a new tab).

Before you pay a recruiter, research the company and job offer to make sure they’re real. Ask your friends or family in Canada to help.

Using a visa consultant

You don’t have to hire a visa consultant or fixer to apply for an eTA or work visa (permit). You can apply on your own or have a trusted friend or family member help you. Many applicants in Mexico have a friend or relative help them with their application for free. This help can save you a lot of time and money.

Be careful when hiring visa consultants

If you hire a consultant (called a “representative” in Canada), the best way to protect yourself is to hire an authorized representative.

Learn about visa consultants (representatives)

Authorized representatives must be authorized in Canada to charge money for their services. They are regulated professionals who understand Canada’s immigration and application processes. Authorized paid representatives are lawyers, paralegals, Quebec notaries, or consultants registered with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants(opens in a new tab). They can explain the different visa options, give you informed advice about your application, and communicate with the Government of Canada on your behalf.

We won’t deal with visa consultants who charge a fee but aren’t authorized. If you use an unauthorized representative, we may return your application or refuse it.

Hiring a consultant won’t help your application get processed any faster or guarantee that your eTA or permit will be approved. Consultants don’t have special connections with Canadian visa officers.

Canadian visa officers follow the same steps and rules when reviewing all applications, whether you hire a consultant or apply on your own.

If your application was refused, make sure you understand why it was refused before you reapply. Applying again with the same information is a waste of your time and money. It will not change the decision and it will cost you more.

No one can guarantee that your eTA or permit will be approved.

Learn about unauthorized consultants

If you hire a consultant to help you fill out the application, ask people you trust to recommend a consultant they used to get a visa. Get advice from a few people before you choose. Avoid hiring consultants on social media without any references.

If the consultant applies on your behalf, remember these tips:

Ask for your user ID and password to log onto your profile to confirm that your application was sent. A lot of scammers will tell you that they’ve sent in your application, but they haven’t.


Consequences of fraud

Don’t lie or send fake documents

It’s a serious crime to lie on an application or send fake or altered documents. Your application will be refused, and you could be banned from Canada for at least 5 years.

You’re responsible for the information you give in an application, even if you use a consultant.

If a Canadian visa officer finds false information on an application, you’re the one who will face the consequences—not your consultant.

You’re responsible for the information in your application

If someone tells you to lie on an application or give fake documents, they are putting you at risk.

Never sign blank forms or applications given to you by a consultant.

Before you sign your application, make sure that all the information in your application and supporting documents is true and that you understand everything.

Consequences of sending false documents or information

If you or your consultant send false documents or information

  • your application will be refused
  • you could be banned from Canada for at least 5 years
  • you could have a permanent record of fraud with IRCC

The Canadian government works with partners to train officers and watch for fake documents.

Know the rules. Don’t get scammed.

Scammers want to take your hard-earned money and give you false promises of guaranteed visas or permanent residence. Don’t be fooled: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Source of information: Government of Canadá
Information translated and collected for:
Explore I.D.E.A.S. Immigration & Education Corp.
Ivonne Navas, RCIC/ Regulated Immigration Consultant/ Canadian Government Authorized Representative.
Member of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. Membership # R517820



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