If you are between the ages of 15 to 18 years young and you are SOCCER PLAYER FANATIC, join VANCOUVER’S SOCCER MAPLE CUP!

What is the Maple Cup? A two-season soccer league based in Vancouver, BC., Canada. It is made up of 20 matches per season in which teams compete against each other to be top of their table every weekend. The Maple Cup concludes with a weekend long tournament where teams based on their league standing compete in an elimination style tournament in order to crown a champion. Teams compete within their own districts to qualify for the elimination style tournament in Burnaby, where they compete against teams from all over Vancouver.

Who can join? Any soccer lover between the ages of 15-18.

What are the dates of the seasons?

  • Spring League 2023: February 11th – May 22nd, 2023.
  • Fall League 2023: September 16th – December 9th, 2023.

Can I join for only one season? Absolutely! You can register for either the Spring or Fall season OR for both seasons if you wish.

What does the Maple Cup registration include?

  • Livestreams & Recordings of matches so that distant family and friends can watch
  • Insurance
  • Customized Soccer Kits (includes uniforms)
  • Coaches
  • Fields
  • Referees

What are the costs associated to the Maple Cup registration?

  • One season: $299.99 CAD.
  • Two seasons (annual registration): $599.98 CAD.
  • Use code: “GAMETIME” for 10% off

When is the registration deadline? February 6th, 2023 is the last day for you to register to the Maple Cup.

For more information:

  • info@maplefootball.com
  • +1 (604) 4174878

Register now and share the field with international soccer players in Vancouver’s Maple Cup!




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