We ended 2023 in the best way, with two distinguished awards in the categories “RISING STAR” and “ROCK STAR” as TOP AGENT, during the “CANADA PARTNERSHIP FORUM” (CPF) held by “ILAC Education Group”.

This recognition empowers us and reaffirms our commitment to continue working more and better to guide and serve our clients with the aim of achieving the expected results without barriers or borders.

We are extremely grateful to have been recognized once again and to make visible within the world of International Education, our constant effort and professionalism in a year like this that has had many challenges and adversities.

Our appreciation extends to all students, foreign workers, and new immigrants who have trusted us their education, immigration, and settlement processes with  their new home: Canada. Those who dared to explore their dreams with our guidance

To have been awarded on November 26 during such event and with the caliber of these institutions with a common purpose for academic excellence and strategic partnerships, is a great honor and prestige for the agency.

CPF (Canada Partnership Forum) events are designed to feature  Canada’s best colleges and universities among students and agencies around the world. With a focus on higher education and training, CPF contributes to strengthening lasting partnerships and strong pathways and connections for international students, agencies and service providers from diverse countries.

ILAC Education group is a pioneer in college readiness programs and has partnerships with more than 100 institutions in higher education. It is recognized as a leader and one of the largest educational groups in Canada, which in addition to language teaching, its Education group includes multiple education partners and ILAC IELTS testing venues.

THANK YOU. GRACIAS. MERCI for your preference and let’s go for so much more in 2024!



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