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  • Groups
  • Citizens
  • Expatriates
  • International travelers from any country and to any destination in Canada and around the

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We offer you all the necessary information for you to acquire:

  • MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE OF THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT in Canada (Elegibility After 3 months of residence in Canada)



Private Medical Health Insurance

We provide here detailed information to purchase PRIVATE Medical Health Insurance in Canada and other countries.

International students and their dependents (legal partner/spouse and children)

It is activated from the first day of their arrival in Canada or to the chosen destination.

It is recommended to purchase private medical health insurance lasting at least 4 months (approximately 122 days) to be covered until the day you are eligible to apply and obtain provincial government insurance in Canada.

You can apply to the provincial government's public health insurance after 3 months of temporary residence in Canada.

Once applied to provincial government health insurance,
processing may take several weeks.

For the same reason it is recommended to acquire private insurance for at least 4 months.

The cost of discounted private health insurance for students and their dependents is $2.75 per day. Canadian dollars. Per person.

Provided by the insurer “GUARD ME”, which is used by most educational institutions internationally. To be able to read the benefits more clearly click HERE.







To purchase and activate Private Medical Health insurance:

  1. Please fill out the attached form. (For convenience you can also fill it out using this LINK)
  2. Make the corresponding payment. Follow the payment instructions. Review them with this LINK.
  3. Notify the agency of the sending of your information and payment.

The cost of discounted private health insurance for students and their dependents is $2.50 per day. Canadian dollars. Per person.

The student´s direct dependents/relatives (husband, wife, children under the age of 21) also benefit from the student fee.

Private Medical Insurance for International Students.

Private Medical Insurance for international students and their dependents.

($2.75 Cad/day) X (122 days) = $335.00. Canadian Dollars. Per person.

You can pay by credit card through this link:


Private Health Insurance with other providers and for other types of visitors to Canada and other countries

  • Tourists
  • Temporary workers (Working Holiday visa and other types of workers )
  • Grandparents
  • Other family members (cousins,aunt, uncle, etc. )
  • Friends

Request a quote by filling in the attached form) Using this LINK.

Public Health Insurance of the provincial government in Canada

We also provide the information that will be useful to you to later acquire the public health insurance of the provincial government. Once you already have the eligibility of minimum 3 months of residence in Canada and being holders of an immigration document that proves their legal residence of at least 6 months after applying for provincial government health insurance.

Check all other requirements and documents required at the time of applying for provincial health insurance. You must apply yourself and directly as the provincial medical insurance of the government does NOT accept intermediaries.

To get information on how to apply for an MSP Medical Service Plan (Medical Health Insurance from the provincial government, please HERE.

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