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AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS. Ivonne Navas. “Explore I.D.E.A.S. Immigration and Education Corp.”

The success achieved by Ivonne Navas and her agency team "Explore I.D.E.A.S. Immigration and Education Corp"  has been recognized with the following awards and recognitions:   2023. Two distinguished awards TOP AGENT "RISING STAR" and "ROCK STAR" by   "CANADA PARTNERSHIP FORUM" (CPF)  from "ILAC Education Group". 2021. Award: “MUJER TEC 2021”  WOMAN TEC 2021 "Entrepreneurship" by Tec [...]

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Eligible travellers from 13 more countries now qualify for visa-free travel to Canada

Canada is a destination with a wealth of opportunities for people wishing to travel, do business or meet with family and friends. That is why it is making a commitment to its immigration programs and services by making them more efficient and equitable for people from around the world. Sean Fraser, Minister for Immigration, Refugees [...]

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General strike. Impact of labour disruptions at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Overview The Public Service Alliance of Canada declared a general strike beginning Wednesday, April 19th. As a result, bargaining groups representing 159,000 public servants are on strike. These employees provide a range of services for the public. During this labour disruption, certain services may be delayed or not delivered at all. As well, the public [...]

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Federal minimum wage in Canada rose to $16.65 on April 1st

"Every Canadian deserves a real and fair chance at success. Yet some Canadian workers still struggle financially while working part-time, temporary and low- or minimum-wage jobs. To keep pace with inflation, the federal minimum wage increased from $15.55 to $16.65 per hour on April 1, 2023. Based on the Consumer Price Index, which rose 6.8% [...]

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Working, studying or travelling to Canada? Don’t get scammed! Get official information.

"There are scammers who give false information and guarantees about working, studying or travelling in Canada. Don’t believe their lies. Their actions can have serious consequences for you and your family. Know the rules. Don’t get scammed. Find out which visa is right for you There are different visas and requirements for people who want [...]

Extension of Canadian Post-Graduation Work Permits for up to 18 months to retain high-skilled talent

"Foreign nationals with expired or near expiring post-graduation work permits will qualify to work in Canada longer. Employers are facing unprecedented challenges in finding and retaining the workers they need during this period of economic recovery and growth. Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, today announced that international graduates with a recently expired [...]

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Visitors inside Canada will be able to apply to work permit until 2025

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is extending the public policy that allows certain visitors to Canada to apply for a work permit. Foreign nationals who are in Canada as visitors and who receive a valid job offer will be able to continue to apply for and receive a work permit without having to leave [...]

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Professional Consultations for Immigration to Canada: Work • Study • Business – Explore I.D.E.A.S Immigration and Education Corp.

An Immigration counsultation is the first step to evaluate your individual and/or family profile, and explore your options. Follow the instructions in this link to manage your personalized advice: Whether you have specific questions or you want a general presentation of the options available, we carry out a profile evaluation, an action plan and [...]

The Most Popular Countries for Moving Abroad

Where the World Wants to Work: the most popular countries for moving abroad  Where are the most popular destinations for people looking to live overseas? Are people looking for warm weather and sandy beaches, or is a solid health system, good economy and welcoming attitude more important? We took a look at global search data [...]

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Health Care ​Assistant. ​Free Educational Program. In support of strengthening our Canadian Health Care System

The Government of Canada,  in collaboration with Educational institutions and key service providers offer a fully funded Health Care program.  It is offered 100% Free to Permanent Resident and/or Canadian citizens. This is a great opportunity to make a career with tremendous, abundant job opportunities and satisfying rewards: Saving Lives! This initiative supports the efforts [...]

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