A new super fast record time was broken last week with processing, evaluation and approval time for a study permit outside of Canada.
This time has no precedents in our agency history.
The application was sent through the authorized representative portal of RCIC Ivonne Aracely Navas on August 11,  at 8:34 PM.
A confirmation of approval of the study permit was received on August 12 at 12:09 PM.
Total time: 16 hours. Processing, evaluation and approval. Less than 24 hours! WOW!
The decision of approval or refusal for a visa and processing time are up to the control and discretion to the government of Canada and its immigration authorities.
Processing times vary from country to country and it depends on the unique factors of each individual applicant and the circumstances at  the time of each application.
Thank you to our  clients that trust in our services.
Efforts are being made by the government of Canada to support the immigration through studies, work or many other immigration streams.

Study in Canadá

With us you will be able to learn about  multiple work-study programs that can lead you to achieve permanent residence, in addition to getting to know successful testimonials from our clients.

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