The success achieved by Ivonne Navas and her agency team “Explore I.D.E.A.S. Immigration and Education Corp” has been recognized with the following awards and recognitions:

2023. Two Awards TOP AGENT “RISING STAR” and “ROCK STAR” by “CANADA PARTNERSHIP FORUM” (CPF) from “ILAC Education Group”.

2021. Award: “MUJER TEC 2021” WOMAN TEC 2021 “Entrepreneurship” by Tec de Monterrey

2020. Nomination and Recognition: “Best Professional Impact” by Red Global/Mx BC Canadá

2020. Award: “Rock Star” Versatility. Innovation. Resilience during COVID-19. by ILAC

2019. Award: Entrepreneur of the Year. “EYA” by Douglas College

2017. Featured “Mujer Vanidades” by “Vanidades” magazine

2014.“Impact 360” Empowering Women by “Dress for Success” (DFS)



2023. Two distinguished awards TOP AGENT “RISING STAR” and “ROCK STAR” by “CANADA PARTNERSHIP FORUM” (CPF) from “ILAC Education Group”.


This recognition empowers us and reaffirms our commitment to continue working more and better to guide and serve our clients with the aim of achieving the expected results without barriers or borders

To have been awarded on November 26 from the caliber of these institutions with a common purpose for academic excellence and strategic partnerships, is a great honor and prestige for the agency.

CPF (Canada Partnership Forum) events are designed to feature Canada’s best colleges and universities among students and agencies around the world. With a focus on higher education and training, CPF contributes to strengthening lasting partnerships and strong pathways and connections for international students, agencies and service providers from diverse countries.


Abstract Sculpture “MULIER AMET” from the Latin: “Defiant woman/ Fearless girl”

Category: Entrepreneurship

International Women’s Day

By Tec de Monterrey

Ivonne Navas, founder of her agency “Explore I.D.E.A.S Immigration & Education Corp.” is one of the winners of the AWARD “TEC WOMAN 2021” (PREMIO MUJER TEC 2021) in the category of ENTREPRENEURSHIP during a virtual ceremony on March 8th within the framework of INTERNATIONAL’S WOMEN DAY.

The “ITESM” known as “Tec de Monterrey” is positioned among the top 200 universities in the world and one of the most prestigious private universities in Mexico.

As part of its year 2030 vision where human flourishing is fundamental to the development of communities, “Tec de Monterrey” selected 23 winners of the award “TEC WOMAN 2021” covering nine different categories with the aim of recognizing the contributions of outstanding women inside and outside Mexico to promote their empowerment, to reward their achievements and make their work visible; important steps in stimulating gender equity and through these recognitions, to contribute to social development The values upon which the Tec Women’s Award is based on, are: sorority, inclusive language; gender equality, self-care, safe zone, women’s voice and visibility.

This initiative, promoted by the Centers for Inclusion, Social Impact and Sustainability and the Center for the Recognition of Human Dignity, has boosted the potential of women by recognizing the stories of those who are part of the Institution and who, with their work have contributed to the promotion of gender equity from various disciplines, including entrepreneurship.


Refers to women as creators of innovative businesses, products or services that facilitate people’s lives or that involve an innovation in the management, organization or technology in their field or market segment. Women who have created a new business unit or who have innovated a process or product within the company where they work. Similarly, women who have excelled from the three axes of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.


Entrepreneurship; Transformative Power; Science; Health and Welfare; Gender-sensitive citizenship; #She4She; Art and Cultural Management; Sport and Sports Management; Environment.


The Winners received as a prize a symbolic stylized replica of the sculpture: “MULIER AMET” (name from Latin: “Woman Defiant” inspired by the sculpture “Fearless Girl” by the artist Kristen Visbal, created with the intention of empowering women around the world and symbolizing a call to gender equality and leadership.


230 nominations were received from the community of Tecnológico de Monterrey from the four institutions that are part of it: Tec de Monterrey (students, collaborators or ex-students), TecMilenio, SorteosTec and TecSalud. The contest jury consisted of 45 members from the four institutions.


The “ITESM” Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies, known as “Tec de Monterrey is a private university founded in 1943 in Monterrey, Mexico. Since its foundation, it has increased its national and international presence to 31 campuses in 25 cities in Mexico, as well as representation in Asia, Canada, Europe, the United States and Latin America, positioning itself among the best educational institutions in Mexico and the world with more than 90,000 students and 9,500 professors. It offers a comprehensive educational system that offers Doctorates (PhDs), Master’s Degrees, Bachelor’s, Engineering and Baccalaureate.

The prestige of Tec de Monterrey is derived from the culture of entrepreneurship, work, efficiency and responsibility that are fostered between its students and the members of its systems faculties.

Ivonne’s Career Path

Ivonne Aracely Navas Corona graduated from Tec de Monterrey from the career of Communication Sciences and the entrepreneurial program. Her studies were carried out through the attainment of an academic scholarship. She also worked within the Monterrey Campus of ITESM as Director of Publications and environmental campaigns.

Ivonne continued with studies in business, leadership, immigration law and foreign languages in Germany, Brazil, France and Canada, where she is now a proud Mexican immigrant and Canadian Citizen since 1997.

She is the winner of multiple awards and recognitions as an entrepreneur and specialist in International Education and a Regulated Immigration Consultant to Canada (RCIC)/ Authorized Representative by the Canadian government. She created her company with the mission of offering enriching opportunities for international studies, work or emigration to citizens to and from around the world.

Ivonne’s educational, professional development, personal experience, work competence and entrepreneurial involvement in the areas of EDUCATION, IMMIGRATION, ENVIRONMENT, SOCIETY and MULTICULTURALISM is extensive and includes generous and outstanding service and contributions.

It has been channeled and expanded through strategic alliances with public and private educational institutions, communities, businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities in more than 40 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Ivonne shares her passion for internationalization by operating as a vehicle that helps to positively change people’s destiny, guiding them to take off and fly to new horizons without barriers or borders.


Mujeres que brillan. Premio Mujer Tec 2021.

Women that shine. Award. Woman Tec

Distinguen Empoderamiento femenino de mujeres líderes

Highlight of Empowerment of women leaders

Reconoce Tec de Monterrey contribuciones de las mujeres en su comunidad

Tec de Monterrey recognizes contributions of women in their communities

Son un orgullo para el Campus las ganadoras del premio Mujer Tec

The winners of Mujer Tec are a pride for our Campus


25 Frases poderosas de mujeres en el premio Mujer Tec 2021

25 Powerful quotes from women during the Award Woman Tec


By Red Global Mx BC Canada

December 12, 2020

Ivonne Navas received a nomination and recognition for “BEST PROFESSIONAL IMPACT”

by the Red Global Mexico- Canada BC Chapter.

This category recognizes talented Mexicans outstanding in their professional careers and who have removed obstacles and achieved successes in their home country and abroad. They are recognized as academics, researchers, creators and professionals who have exceeded expectations and true innovators.

The Red Global is a non-profit, independently operated organization and a diaspora program by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, integrated by international professionals with a mandate of strengthening the links that tie three strategic areas: innovation & technology, education & research, business & entrepreneurship.


By ILAC. (The International Language Academy of Canada)

July 28, 2020

ILAC recognized Ivonne Navas and her agency “Explore I.D.E.A.S Immigration & Education Corp.” as a leader within the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION industry and a devoted contributor. Her efforts in demonstrating versatility, innovation and resilience to new and impactful business circumstances and adversities during the challenging times of COVID-19, were celebrated and rewarded during a virtual ceremony, shared with members of strategic alliances and successful agencies around the world.

ILAC is recognized as the most awarded language schools in the world, with campuses in Toronto and Vancouver. It receives students from more than 75 countries, positioning itself as one of the schools with the most multicultural diversity.


By Douglas College

March 5, 2019

Ivonne Navas and her agency “Explore I.D.E.A.S Immigration & Education Corp.” won the award “ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR” by the Douglas College.

The “EYA” event celebrates the success of graduates from the entrepreneurship program by the prestigious “Douglas College”, a public educational institution. Such a program is recognized as one of the largest and most successful business training programs in Canada.

Douglas College is the largest public awarding school in British Columbia Canada. It has nearly 17,000 students, including internationals.

The awards were granted on the criteria of: Business Achievement, Differential Products and Services, Operational, Financial and Marketing Strategies, as well as Community Service and Environmental Impact.

Seven categories were awarded during a special ceremony. The agency’s honour to have been selected as a winner as a company that was created and started with a virtual remote service company (home-based) was recognized as a merit and special achievement for the international agency as it has crossed borders that have gone far. In addition to serving Canadians who wish to study Spanish or other languages abroad, the agency provides services to foreigners from more than 30 countries around the world who intend and dream of emigrating to Canada and/or studying or working legally in Canada and other countries around the world.


By Magazine ”Vanidades”

April 2017

The Mexican magazine “Vanidades”(Vanities) dedicated a space in its section “MUJER VANIDADES” to Ivonne Navas in recognition of her academic, professional career and plans for an entrepreneurial modality. As a commitment, in the same year her company was established.

Vanidades is one of the most popular women’s magazines in the Spanish language market.

Published by editorial Televisa throughout the United States and Latin America.

The “Dress for Success” Organization (DFS)


June 5, 2014

Ivonne Navas participated in “Dress for Success” events as a motivational speaker, mentor, inspirational figure (role model) and red carpet model to support the fundraising efforts and the campaign and event of “IMPACT 360” EMPOWERING WOMEN.

“Dress for Success” promotes that every woman, regardless of her origin and life circumstances, deserves the opportunity to grow, develop and succeed in today’s world.