Thank you for your interest in the services of “Explore I.D.E.A.S. Immigration and Education Corp.”

We provide immigration and education services including:

IMMIGRATION CONSULTING & PROFILE EVALUATION for EDUCATION, WORK or legal IMMIGRATION to Canada and Internatioal Education programs around the world.

(Audio/Video call, Telephone, In person)

An initial immigration consultation and a profile evaluation is the best way to start to explore your options and to develop a strategic plan tailored to reach your specific goals and needs successfully.

Professional, licensed Immigration advice about how, where and when to start your immigration process, study permit, work permit, spousal sponsorship, permanent residency, through the several immigration streams available and suitable for you at the time of your application. If you have specific questions or if you wish to have a general review of the immigration categories which suit your individual profile, we can help you to explore.

We offer you a comprehensive package that includes the initial  consultation with the evaluation of your profile, an action plan to follow towards the permanent residence, preparation for admission to higher education, or towards immigration processes that are suitable and that you may be eligible for at an specific time.

The initial consultation is $160.00 Canadian dollars for one consulting session.

The cost of the consultation can be applied to ENGLISH preparation programs on line (if required) or if you already have test results, you also have the option to apply the cost to an immigration or education process, according to your specific circumstances and your evaluation and eligibility at the time of your application.

The cost of educational advise and information on study programs and schools is FREE, as long as  you register and do all your admission process through the agency “Explore I.D.E.A.S. Immigration and Education Corp.”


The available time for IMMIGRATION consultation is from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Pacific Time (PST) in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

If you require another time or day to be able to communicate with privacy and confidentiality or to consider the time difference in other countries, please inform us. We are flexible to make the necessary adjustments to adapt the schedule to fit your needs.

When you confirm your payment, let us know your preference and availability for a date and time considering the time differences that may be between Canada and  your country.  We are flexible to accommodate different schedules world wide.   Use the following lin k to calculate the time differences

Steps to Follow:

  1. Make the corresponding payments.   Instructions below.  Your appointment will not be scheduled and your information and documents will not be filed or reviewed without the confirmation of payment.

  2. Fill out the form included below  with all the necessary and relevant information about you and your direct family members ( if applicable). Please send the douments in Word or PDF formats as one attachment.
    Additionally, please send an updated curriculum vitae and the official results of your most recent level of English or French (if available). If you do not have any official language exam results recognized by the Canadian immigration and education system, we will estimate a score to calculate an approximate level result since the system doesn’t allow to register candidates with these results missing.
    If the principal applicant plans to travel, study work or immigrate with his/her family members, spouse or common-law, dependent or non-dependent children, etc. ALL their relevant information must be included. (Relationship to the applicant, age, education, work experience, English level, health issues). The family members can have a positive or negative impact on the application and the process. Please include extra sheets to include ALL the relevant information.
  3. Make the corresponding payments. (Check payment Instructions below)


      • Send an e-mail to:
      • Please include a note with your name, email and the service that you are paying for. Our system has an Automatic Deposit payment for e-transfer to make it simple.


If you only need one or two answers to specific questions, you have the option to pay for each question.

$40.00 CAD for each question

Steps to Follow:

  1. Pay for the number of questions
  2. Send your question in written format
  3. Make your payment and send its confirmation.
  4. An answer will be received in the next 48 hours.

  Click on the red button inside this form “Fill out form” to complete your information and submit it.



These services are provided by:

  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) Authorized Representatives by the Canadian Government